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Custom Wedding Sets
Design and Excitement!


The selection of wedding bands is an exciting and personal decision.  Your bands reflect your self image as well as signify your relationship. Please check the "Pieces Now Available" page for bands now in stock ready for immediate shipment. 

Our goal is to help you get what you imagine!

We are happy to intrepret your design concepts as well as create designs for you.  Gems such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires and catseyes hold up well in wedding rings.  Bouncing ideas back and forth can add great energy and creativity to the process!

Let's build rings that are as exciting as your relationship!

These rings are mokume gane: laminated metals in colored golds.  See the mokume gane page.


These "Mountain Bands" are an imaginary range made in white and yellow golds.  We can sculpt bands personalized to represent  your favorite local peaks!  A photo or drawing will help us to carve a wax pattern.  You are not committed until you approve the model. 

Carved rings!  These rings were made by Barbara.  She is a master carver and uses texture to emphasize the depth of the pieces.  Each set is hand sculpted and unique. Bands can be made wider, narrower, with openings, with gems....  actually anything you or we can dream up!  Please read the "custom work" page.


A scroll pattern ring!  This ring was a joint effort by Barbara and Ken.  The scroll motif was accented by diamonds in bezels.  The ring was cast in 18K white gold which, surprisingly, is more durable than 14K white gold.

Married metals!   What great symbolism for wedding bands!  In this technique colored golds, here white, rose and yellow, are fitted and joined then overlaid onto a base of gold. 

Any pattern or color combination can be made for you.   Please contact us for current prices and construction times.


Textured bands! These bands use three textures.  The nuggetty texture is rough enough to be interesting but smooth enough to be comfortable to wear.  The ripple and bright concave portions add contrast.

The combinations of texture, patterns and gold colors are unlimited.  Let us design a set of one-of-a-kind rings for you!

Celtic pattern bands!  How many of us Euro-mongrels can trace part of our heritage to the Celts?  These rings celebrate the traditional craftsmanship and design of our ancestors.  Each is individually carved.  The pattern combinations are without end.

We also can do unique rings for you and your partner in Chinese characters, Egyptian hiroglyphs, runes, tribal and religious motifs.

Here is a two ring set that snuggles together for her and a matching band for him.

Barbara designed this beautiful mounting, called "Swoop".  This can be the base for a custom set!

Handmade studio jewelry created for you!